Jasmina's Passion

Thank you very much for visit my web-site!!


My passion for dogs was born 5 years ago, in the year 2007, when i meet my first dog..Lilly..it was love at first sight!


I was fascinated about the standard of many breeds, so i started to buy magazine and I studied lot of important things about dogs. In those magazine I saw lot of handlers showing dogs, so I decided to learn how to show dogs in the best way!


I start thinking "I have to participate at these shows.."


The 12th July 2009 my parents give me the chance to participate at a course by the famous handler Richard Hellman. This day is always in my mind and will be forever an unforgettable experience.


After that course began this passion, handling and show dogs in the best way!!


Big thanks to my parents because they always support me and thank you in advance if you decide to give me the possibility to show your dog in the future!! You can find me in lot of shows (check on Next Shows) here in Italy and sometimes abroad, please contact me for further informations.


Jasmina Pagone



Jasmina Pagone

Dog Handler

10090 San Giorgio Canavese(TO)





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